Duplicating Clips with Melodyne Extensions

as stated in the melodyne reference

When audio events are copied in Cubase, both the original and each of the copies are (to begin with) mutually dependent, as far as Melodyne is concerned. This means that any changes made in Melodyne to one such event automatically appear in all the others. Suppose, for example, you have made consecutive copies of a two-bar bass riff and then changed a note in Bar 6. This same change will appear in each iteration of the riff (i.e. in bars 2, 4, 8, 10…).

in cubase 13.0.41 if i copy, duplicate or repeat events with melodyne edits, the new events are independent and won’t follow the original event’s further edits
the only way i found to get dependent copies is duplicating the whole track

is this a bug or the expecteded behaviour?

Hi salvattore001,
‘Convert to real copy’
Watch this video! Melodyne in Cubase 11: Reshaping samples (youtube.com)

i want just the opposite. when copying or repeating the events are already “real copies”
here’s an example. the events wes created with repeat (shared copies) and they don’t follow each other

Nobody else is experiencing this??