Duplicating (copy/pasting) the same syllable for many notes?

I have a situation in which I want to put the same syllable for many notes, but I don’t want to type them one by one individually, or copy paste for each note for each one. Something like that:

Is there a quick way to achieve it?

I can leave the “…” as I did, but I believe it will be better for the musicians if they can read the syllables, even if they are the same

I’m not sure if you can, but you might be able to paste the words into this dialog:

The other thing is I think that you can select multiple staves to enter lyrics into i.e. you’d only have to do one run through and just paste the syllable during note input?

Seems like that won’t allow you to change the number of syllables that you already have

One more thought:

You can enter the required number of “Na’s” into a text editor and paste them in at once.

Pasting from text doesn’t work for me. I can only copy & paste from lyrics I already have. Pasting the current na na na doesn’t work because it wouldn’t align with the notes.

I must be misunderstanding what you want.

It seems like you want a “Na” on every note? If so, type the number of Na’s that you need (with a space between them) into a text editor, copy, and then paste into the lyric popover on the first note. A “Na” should appear on each note (depending on if you copied the correct quantity).

If this isn’t what you what then maybe you could explain it again. Or send me a coffee.

copy pasting lyrics

It is what I want. It just doesn’t work. It remembers only the copying of the lyrics themselves. It doesn’t paste free text.

(Note the part you can’t see is that I obviously copied from the text editor)

Try selecting the first note > Shift+N to begin note input > Shift+L to open Lyric popover > then paste.

Note: you will need to keep pressing Paste (use the shortcut!) each time the caret moves to the next note, but it will continue to keep pasting whatever you have copied. Add a random word into the mix and see for yourself!

You have a repeating rhythm that’s 2 bars long. So you can select 2 bars’ worth of na’s and Copy & Paste 2 bars at a time. You can even Copy from one staff and Paste into multple staves at once.

Or you could just write “(etc.)” after the first bit. Nobody needs to read the same syllable that many times!

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It would start to make it better. Or at least begin to.

( McCartney reference noted! )

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If there are repeating rhythms in passages, selected those bar/notes, filter for Lyrics (set up a shortcut for this if you haven’t already), copy then paste to the first note of the next similar pattern. Do the top staff first. If the underlying staves are EXACTLY the same pattern, select all of the top staff and use Duplicate to Staff Below (set a shortcut for this too). Repeat for successive staves underneath for quick repetition.

FWIW, as a singer, this would add unnecessary clutter to the score. If the entire passage is the same syllable, there’s no need to print it for every note. Singers will often read new music with nonsense syllables. Just write “continued” or something similar, singers will know what to do. If/when the lyrics change, you might include a bar of the “na-na-na’s” before the new lyrics, just for confirmation of the change. If there are any melismas over notes (marked with a slur), you might include lyrics underneath those spots for clarity.

Thanks for your perspective as a singer! I was under the impression that putting the syllables there always is a good thing. I’ll take your thumb rules into consideratoin.