Duplicating Parts - Method Tips

Hi everyone, I’m asking for your opinion on the method I’m using.
During the performance of a song it very often happens to have a part that is repeated several times (for example the verse).
In VL I use a track to have the part change automatically at the right moments (es.: trigger in measure 8, measure 32, measure 48).
Inside the song I use the “Duplicate shared part” command to have, for example, the part relating to the verse 3 times. In this way in my songs I often find myself with 8-12 different parts between verses, choruses, bridges, etc. Is it a correct method? I appreciate all your advice.

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HI the way LIVE is set up is right. but it would be much better to be able to have multiple trigger points for the same part (request to developers). just think of all the changes you could save…

Thank you for your answer.
It would be very convenient to have the ability to set multiple “triggers” for each part. It would be much easier and faster to manage the songs. We hope that the VL team releases this update in the future.

With version 2 you can loop a Part for a certain number of times, or infinitly until you select another Part. With FlexLoop activated, manually selecting a Part will trigger it precisely at the start of the next bar.

We plan to be able to record such manual selection, which should be what you ask for. But even now it should be much easier with V2 Flex, as you will have less Parts to copy or duplicate (which is simple though).

I purchased version 2 as soon as it was released, but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. I did some small tests but nothing more.

Copying parts is simple, but if you want to make a change to one part then you have to change all the other copied parts too…

However, I take this opportunity to ask you a question: I have some projects with backing tracks, can you confirm that currently with version 2 I cannot assign multiple triggers to a part?

I purchased VST Live V2 and installed the latest version (10).
I can’t solve my problem using “Flex Loop” as you suggested.
In the photo I show as an example there are 9 parts for the song Everybody wants to rule the world. In reality only the first 4 parts are physically created the others are all duplicates.
I can use a Flex Loop method to decrease the number of parts from 9 to 4.
In my opinion, sharing the thoughts of “Italyuser”, the fastest way would be to be able to set multiple trigger points for each part.
Thanks for your help

Is on the wishlist.

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thank you for the response.
I enthusiastically await the new change which will help us manage the song parts in a more orderly and immediate manner. The objective is to avoid resorting to duplications that require more work and in any case interventions when modifying the “parent” part.
I chose to adopt Vst Live after using/testing alternative solutions such as Cantabile, Gig Performer and Camelot. For my needs and my way of operating I chose VL (I am a Cubase user). I had the pleasure of sharing with you the evolutionary path of the software since the first version, appreciating the implementations that have occurred over time. Thank you for this.
My main objective is to be able to manage the world of VST Instruments (today I use a hybrid model: VST + traditional Korg Kronos Synth) avoiding interacting with the personal computer. For this reason I immediately purchased version 2 of VL to take advantage of, among others, the new “Focus Control” function (surpassing the use of touch osc) with touch screen monitors. At the moment, however, it is not possible to assign a command to select a specific part (I have sent a report on the topic on the portal). Works well with next or previous part.
For this reason I am using the automatic part change (trigger) which appears to be the best solution for now even if this method requires playing the songs while observing the metronome.
Thank you for your time.

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Hi @Giorgio_Pellegrini @Italyuser and @musicullum ,

Sorry getting in the conversation. Am I right about, basically the existing “Shared Parts” feature could be a solution, but end of the day it can’t because of the fact that “Shared Parts” aren’t “sharing” all & every parameter (/LAYER…, /STACK…) changes, right?


no problem, in fact it’s a pleasure to share the experience.
Let me help with an example. In a song the verse part is usually repeated several times. As mentioned, I now solve the problem by duplicating the part itself. However, it often happens that I modify the part to insert, at a later time, a new instrument (layer) to optimize the sound. In these cases, I am forced to replicate the action on each duplicated part. To avoid this, VL should allow, as proposed, to assign multiple triggers to each part of the song and thus avoid duplications.
I hope I have interpreted your thoughts well.
See you soon.

Hi @Giorgio_Pellegrini ! Thank you. That was my experience too, that “PART: Duplicate Shared” aren’t as fully/100% shared with later modifications as I would think they are absolutely 1:1 anytime, after any changes. Just I thought I’m alone with this when tryed it out.
Then the question is which is easier?

  • polish “duplicated shared parts” feature to keep them all fully linked/shared
  • develop to allow multiple trigger points for the same PART (guess via new SONG track)

Am I right about, or it’s even more complex question?

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you nailed the topic: we are living the exact same experience.
Compared to your question, I personally find the path of different triggers for each part simpler.
Duplicating parts can greatly increase the number of parts for each song. I’m preparing the Tears for Fears repertoire and for the song Mad World alone, following the duplicate parts method, I end up with 12 parts. For me it’s also a question of mental order: the fewer things the better.
But that’s just my thought.
Let’s see what the technicians of the Steinberg team think and what they will do.
Good music.



I think exactly like you! I have a lot of songs with 15/20 duplicate parts, and every time I have to make a change to a part it’s a serious problem

We’re working on multiple Part triggers.

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