Dutch translation


As I’m very pleased with the first version of Dorico, it really astonishes me that it’s possible for every Western European language to be set as UI language, but not Dutch?

I understand there are much more important issues and I fully agree with that, but I just can’t grasp the reasoning behind this - except for Dutch being a too minor language.

As a English to Dutch translator for software programs for more than a decade now, I would be very thrilled to see this in an upcoming update. In fact, I really would like to make efforts in this myself.

Is there any way to reach the localization team?

I’m afraid we presently have no plans to produce a Dutch-language version of Dorico. The languages into which we are going to translate Dorico are determined by the business as a whole, and we tend to try to aim for a consistent set of languages across our product line.

However, we are definitely interested in making it possible for users to produce their own localisations for Dorico if they would like to do so. Perhaps after we have got the next update out we can think about what it would take to make this possible.

Listen carefully, I will sent all the belgians your way…you hear me :wink:

Dutch are known for their good English…


Thank you for your time to explain it. I fully understand the reasoning, although it’s a pity.
Please continue the great work! I just ordered Dorico, I’m very satisfied with it.

I’ll keep an eye on this subject on the forum, I really hope it’ll be possible in a future version of Dorico to localise the product by users.

I’m aware that the Dutch are good at English, but as an experienced musician I still struggle sometimes with musical jargon.