DVD-Audio creation in WL11PRO

I was waiting so long for WLs multichannel capabilities. So I bought the update.

Although I know DVD-Audio is a dead format, I still use it.
In combination with the new surround capabilities I thought it would be easy to create a DVD-A from my exported 44kHz 5.1 wav files created by nuendo.
It was possible to create the AUDIO folder and an ISO file. But the content is not playable.
Noise. Simply noise. And LFE is missing. I got an unplayable 5 channel result.

So I went back, split the 5.1 wav up into 6 single files to get it working in WL10. This is one of the steps I expected never to be done again with WL11+.

The DVD-A was successfully created after ex- and importing markers and so on. Spent a lot of (wasted) time…

STEINBERG, did you ever a test of this DVD-A feature in V 11???

I’ angry and disappointed!

Sorry, I can imagine this was not tested in vo 11 . As you say, DVD-Audio is a dead format, and resources are lacking to support this old format. DVD-Audio support will be removed from WaveLab in the future.

I will check if the problem can be identified and corrected in a future minor update, but I can’t guarantee it.

Thanks for your response.
The reason for buying the update to V. 11 was the newly implemented multichannel capability. DVD-A was not dropped (I’ve read the manual before buying), exactly my needs.
Also the transition dialog for pictures on the DVD-A does not work as expected. It resets always to 0 seconds.
Why V11 behaves different to V10 is somehow mysterious.

I have fixed the issue (the audio part). It will be available in the next minor update, in a month.

:+1: Thank you.