DX Piano for church


I’m looking for a nice DX Piano sound for live performance in a church. What can you recommend?

I would like to have something like Pro Tools Pro DX Piano for Structe as presented here: http://vimeo.com/11707166

Should I go for a sampled VST instrument or a FM synthesizer?


Have you tried the MDA series (you can get them from sourceforge.net).
Here a “mac” link but I dont see why it wont work for you too.

You can either build the DLLs using the VST SDK or you can just download the DLLs and drop them into the VST folder.
Then open your instrument track and you are moments away from a beautiful DX piano.

Alternatively, on linux there is a ALSA pluging called Hexter with to all intents and purpose IS a DX7.

Finally, I happen to have a Yamaha 76 key keyboard that has a DX7 in it’s GS font.
I wouldnt be surprised if a yamaha piano has this sound built in (they must be rightfully proud of it).
We use a yamaha piano at our church and it has it (throw the mod wheel up and a bit of reverb and it sounds great layered with some other sounds).

Yours in Christ

Steve H

Just tried out the MDA synths… hmmmm… not bad for a free VST plugin, but it does really not sound as good as the DX piano presented in the video.

Also tried out FM7 with loaded DX7 Rhodes… okey, but I think there should be a even more attractive DX piano sound available for VST?

Anyone has some experience in this area?

But most of the feel of their piano (in the video you ref) is the after effect right?

For example, the chorus, reverb etc … on my Yamaha GS, patch 8 is called DX Piano and sounds a bit like the EP on the video (subjective of course).
If I then use the reverb/hall effects/chorus etc (part of the GS extension) I can make is sound like the later sounds in the video.
I can also throw it thru Cubase effects (MDA also do a series of chorus etc).
Or I pass it thru my Zoom R16 and let it add effect … or my Miniak and let it add effects (or all of the above).

The MDA is tweakable too … so pass that thru effects and you have a reasonable approximation.

Hexter, on linux, is a DX7. Sysex in the patch and it should sound like the piano used (assuming they use the DX7 patch).

You can probably find some soundfonts too that are accurate samples of a DX7 EP. And Cakewalk have given away their soundfont player for free.

Again, throw post-processing at it to change the sound.


Steve H

Oh an in another forum, someone was asking about Abelton … I downloaded a lite version to try to help setup synth and that had some excellent samples on it. I believe you can get this for free if you buy some relatively cheap kit. IE if you used their trial version and like it … you could get the lite version when buying an effects box :slight_smile: