Dynamic curve on group

Folder track- group edit- lines- multi-track editing- drawing dynamic curves:
An option of drawing simultaneously on all the tracks would be extremely useful.
An example: montage of orchestral 20 track recording- when a crossfaded event has slightly different volume, you have to draw the same curve on 20 tracks! (Automation is not the the proper tool here)
Dear Steinberg- there are some classical music users and need specific tools :slight_smile:

Have you tried activating q-link on the selected channels via the mixer with write automation enabled?

I’ve just tried. It doesn’t work.
What I mean was drawing dynamic curves just on audio events, not on automatic lines. If automation would be what I need, I could create VCA fader for the group of channels.
Automation wouldn’t help here. When one event crossfaded with another is louder- for instance- it should start quieter from the very beginning. That is, where dynamic curve is the best tool. Automation CAN solve the problem somehow, but this would not be the proper way of montage making.
Thanks anyway for your reply :slight_smile: