Dynamic EQ


We all need a new Dynamic EQ plugin vst for C10
like upcoming Fabfilter ProQ3
or the one in wavelab suite

thanks :smiley:


Yes, agree. Dynamic EQ should be natively included.

Dynamic EQ would indeed be great but, there are other things I would rather see attended for that would have a bigger impact on my day to day use than a built in dynamic EQ, in which I already have 3 fantastic ones as do many people, and I’d likely hardly ever use a built in one which is essentially, how I am with built in channel EQ right now as well, I hardly ever use it.

ProQ3 is indeed outstanding… just upgraded, love it. But I also agree there are other things more important for Cubase than a dynamic EQ plugin before other much-needed features and improvements. And besides, there are numerous great third-party plugins that will do what you are asking (the aforementioned ProQ3 is one of them), but even the Waves F6 is quite good and is often on sale for a crazy affordable price. Not trying to recommend a specific developer, but you can get a really good dynamic EQ for a great price… and it would take a lot of resources at Steinberg to create something that good. So let’s have Steinberg focus on crucial workflow improvements and bugfixes first!