Dynamic Markings Not Recognized

I recently got two solo violin plug-ins - Emotional Violin and Bohemian Violin. I have not yet created expression maps for these. Neither instrument “out of the box” will recognize dynamic markings in my score. That is, an mp to f will not play, hairpins won’t play as written, that sort of thing. I contacted the maker of Bohemian Violin, who stated: Dynamics in the Bohemian Series are controlled via velocity only, are you able to program Dorico to take this into account? I’m too new to Dorico to understand what I would need to do to make use of this information. Any thoughts welcome.

I guess that these plug-ins both use some kind of MIDI continuous controller for dynamics, quite probably CC1, modulation. So for starters, in the Track Inspector in Play mode, try choosing Velocity + mod wheel dynamics from the Ex. map drop-down for the instrument being played by one of these plug-ins.

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried it but no change.

I’m at a total loss. I don’t use Cubase or know anything about it, but do I have to use it to get instruments to work that don’t have Dorico expression maps?

This sounds totally weird to me. Velocity parameter is a one-off command and if they are saying they can generate a gradual dynamic to long notes using a single velocity parameter it might mean they have recorded dynamics.

However, a quick look at their own user manual reveals that an expression controller is user assignable for expression:

In order to program articulations, you will need to simply enter the values provided in the manual to the expression map (and assign a CC controller):

Thanks, I will study this further.