Dynamic modifiers (in hairpins)

I was wondering if there was some way to move the vertical position of a dynamic modifier inside a hairpin without resorting to doing so manually in engrave mode?

I often include “molto” or “poch.” inside hairpins for detailed performance instructions, and find that the word is often a bit too low in the hairpin, making it look lopsided.

I’d like the word to be a tiny fraction higher-placed within the hairpin.
Is this possible?

With the hairpin selected, in Properties (in Engrave mode): Dynamics > Modifier offset (has x and y values).
Also has Erasure padding (L & R).

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I had already found that option but was hoping for a global setting where I didn’t have to go in and modify each instance.
With a large orchestral score this can get tedious.

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Using alt-click to copy a modified hairpin retains the modification, as does Duplicate to Staff Above/Below.


There’s no engraving option for this at the moment, but I’ve made a note of this, and we’ll add it at some point in the future.

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thank-you Daniel.

Dorico is so massive, and considering the ridiculously vast amount of detail involved in engraving music, it’s to be expected that you and your team might not think of some minor details along the way.

Thank-you for always being there for us and having an open mind and being so damned ready to incorporate our wish-lists.
You and your team are THE best.


Thanks, Michel, that’s very kind. We do try!


Daniel, this is a contender for the “understatement of the Century” award!

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