Dynamic processingt

In Adobe Audition one told me hé used the folowing function to fix sound levels :
" I use Adobe Audition 4. And I use an effect called Dynamic Processing -Smooth Vocals- pre-set.
What that does is Compress at 2:1 above -20dB and Flat 1:1 below -20 dB."

Since I am using wavelab artist 9.5 and not a professional user, i would like to know how to do the equivalent in Wavelab.


The dynamic processing you mention is simply the use of a compressor. In WL, my suggestion would be to either select one of the separate compressors (I don’t know which ones come with WL Artist 9.5) - or use the compressor or saturator module in the MasterRig plugin. If you want to read more about compressors, this might be a good starting point: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_range_compression