dynamics and playback?

hi all, sorry if this has been communicated, but when trying to search via forum many, many topics come up and can’t find an answer.
so…writing for a small wind ensemble and percussion I noticed the clarinet, flute have great playback with all the dynamics and articulation’s, BUT unfortunately the sax sounds just play loud.

am I doing something wrong? or expressions not fully loaded?
please help as I am writing this piece for my job.
thanks so much! :smiley:

I think the reason for this is that the saxophone sounds in HSSE require the use of VST Note Expression, which Dorico is not yet using. We hope to address this in the near future. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

ok, I REALLY appreciate you communicating back…as that is a great sign! And, thank you as it’s reassuring it wasn’t the operator this time!
maybe I can use another lib?

You might well be able to choose a different sax sound within the existing HSSE content – there are plenty to choose from. Open up the HALion Sonic SE window, click in the channel that has the sax sound loaded, and in the MediaBay window that shows up, type “sax” to see the choices. Off the top of my head I’m afraid I don’t know which of those might use note expression and which don’t (I think the ones that have “VX” in their names use note expression).

ok…will chk, but I think “vx” is for tenor sax only.

In my experience, (amateur) saxes always play loud :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get my coat…

thanks for your humour, but without correct articulations and dynamics…the amateur…will play loud without the recording!