Dynamics attached to lyrics at start of verses

Not sure if this is a feature request or just a floundering idiot situation… I’m re-setting this score in Dorico and was wondering of there’s a better way of reproducing the dynamics at the beginning of each verse than just inputting and positioning text.
Any thoughts? I see this reasonably frequently in multi-verse vocal music (see what I did there?:slight_smile: ).

You can add the dynamics as a single instance of staff-attached text with four lines of right-aligned text. Use the Insert Music Symbol dialog to enter the dynamics into the text. Use the Baseline Shift to adjust the vertical distance between the dynamics. In engrave mode, select the text and disable collision avoidance. Then position the text in front of the verse numbers.



Another way: wnter the first as “mf 1. In” with no-breaking spaces. Then Edit Single Lyric and change the dynamic to MusGlyphs (larger point size too):


The problem with including the dynamic and the verse number in the first lyric of each verse is that it’s hard to center the syllables under the first note and vertically align the verse numbers.

True, but once you get it, you don’t need to worry about dynamics shifting off baseline when you move things around.

Thank you, gentlemen, for the rapid response!
I’d already opted for John’s method as my quick fix, but will have a go at Dan’s when I have some breathing space—I haven’t really made much use of MusGlyphs yet and this would be a good chance to get into it.
I still reckon this is a candidate for inclusion in the code somewhere down the line, though!