Dynamics can disappear on first beat of first bar if set to beat-relative

I’ve just discovered a bug, I think! I had a good search and it doesn’t seem like anyone’s reported it before.

Start a new flow.
Select the rest (or type a note, if you insist - it makes no difference).
Invoke the dynamics popover and type a dynamic (and hit Enter).
In the bottom properties panel flick the “Beat-relative position” switch.
The dynamic disappears.

If you un-select it it will then become impossible to re-select it, both in Page View and Galley View. It’s actually still there and will affect playback.

edit: behaviour seems to be exactly the same in Dorico 1.2 and Dorico Pro 2.1.

I guess this does technically qualify as a bug, but it’s not one we’re likely to fix. Obviously the point of the ‘Beat-relative position’ property is to make a dynamic appear before the beat, and if you set a dynamic on the very first beat of a flow to appear before the beat… :man_shrugging:

Little bit like stepping of a flat earth? No ground to stand on… :wink:

I just discovered this too, lol. I was using it to emulate an old edition that places all the dynamics immediately before the beat, including the very first notes’ dynamics. “where’d it go!? time to hop on the forum!” Obviously this is a nudge situation but it did surprise me lol.

Maybe the solution is just to make the property un-switch-on-able for the first beat of the flow? (A bit like you can’t switch on the ‘Starts voice’ property for a note if there’s another note in the same voice right before it; when you try, Dorico immediately switches it off again.)