Dynamics colliding

I want to move a hairpin and other dynamics to below the grand staff, but can’t. I have a marimba part with left hand notes in bass clef and right hand notes crossing into treble clef. The dynamics land right in between the staves and collide with the stems. When I choose flip, it puts the dynamics above the treble clef. Any help would be appreciated. I just want to move the dynamics to below the bass staff.
marimba 1 collision.pdf (27.8 KB)

If you want to move them to the bass staff and they currently belong to the top staff, move them down a staff. If you’ve flipped them to be above the staff, reset their placement (deactivate the Placement property in the Properties panel at the bottom of the window).

Thanks for responding Lillie. I tried moving down a staff, but they won’t budge. I don’t see a Placement property in the properties window. Sorry, I’m relatively new to Dorico after a long time with Sibelius.

I see the placement property now. I don’t see how to turn off placement. The choice is Above or Below. When I choose below it puts them in the same collision location in between the staves. What I really want to do is move them to where I want to put them. I guess you can’t do that. Thanks.

OK, I realized I wasn’t in Engrave mode when trying to move the hairpins. I can freely move them by dragging them with the mouse. I’m learning… thanks.

@madeinmarimba, when you move things in Engrave mode, that’s purely graphical. It doesn’t change semantically when or where they happen in time.

Are you not able to move the dynamics down a staff in Write mode so they belong to the bottom staff? If not, try re-inputting new dynamics by showing the caret and positioning it on the bottom staff. Because you have cross-staff notes, using the caret ensures you’re definitely inputting items on the staff you want (because cross-staff notes “belong” to their home staff rather than the staff they appear on).

(PS Please don’t lengthen hairpins only in Engrave mode, you can use various methods for lengthening/shortening all types of items with duration semantically in Write mode!)

Thank you, Lillie. That is all very helpful. BTW, I just went through the video using your First Steps Guide and it helped me to get going. Cheers!