Dynamics for an entire bar/clef

I’m using Dorico 3.5 elements to write a piece for piano.

I want to add dynamics so that the left hand plays quieter than the melody in the right hand so I want to add a the piano symbol (p) to my bar clef but notice it also softens the volume of the treble clef. When I add forte to my treble clef, it seems to only play the first note louder and the rest is piano.

I’ve uploaded an image that clearly shows what I mean: Capture — ImgBB
I used ppp instead of p as it puts an emphasis on the volume and shows that also the notes in the treble clef are played using ppp

Have you tried adding forte to the upper staff and confirming with ENTER and then, when you add pp to the bottom staff, using ALT+ENTER (OPT+ENTER on Mac) to confirm the second entry?

For more info as to why/how this works, see here about voice-specific dynamics, with related links at the bottom for step-by-step instructions for inputting dynamics including having the caret active and pressing Alt/Opt-Return for voice-specific dynamics.

Great, thanks for the info!
That did help. Pressing alt while adding the dynamics does the trick!

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