Dynamics for partial note values?


On a dotted quarter note wanting a hairpin just on the end?
Showing dynamics on long groups of tied notes?

What is the trick to doing this? Are these modif’s painfully done going to translate well in the parts?

Many thanks!

Show the caret (using shift-N, or double click if the option to enable note entry with double click is enabled), place it where you want the hairpin to start (using the arrows — make sure that your grid is small enough), press < (or >), select a rhythmic value (for instance 16th note), press space as many times as you wish your crescendo to last, then escape note entry. Voilà.
Same thing with strings of tied notes. You can enter all the dynamics in one pass of note entry using the shift-d popover, the rythmical values and the space bar. Dynamics are attached to a rythmical position, not to a note.
To make sure everything is translated to the parts, select everything you want to be the same, and Edit > Propagate properties

Hope it helps !

And to avoid doubt: when you type > or < at the caret, no hairpin will appear until you hit Space at least once.

Thanks so much guys. That’s exactly what I needed!!