Dynamics in 3rd party Library using Expression Maps

I have a sample library that has a keyswtich triggered sample for
"fp crec. " also one for “crecendo-diminuendo)”
Can I assign an expression map to trigger these?

Dorico’s own dynamics won’t trigger specific entries in your expression map, no, but you can create appropriate custom playback techniques in Library > Playback Techniques, e.g. one called “cresc-dim” and another called “fp-cresc.”. Then reference these in the switches in your expression map with the corresponding MIDI instructions to trigger these sounds. Finally, to actually trigger these sounds in the score, go to Library > Playing Techniques and create a playing technique that references the playback technique (we know the names are confusingly similar!), then create that in the score.

Hi Daniel, can you define a typical crescendo, diminuendo hairpin glyphs or existing Dorico dynamic markers like sfz, pf, fp in the playing techniques to activate such samples or do you have to use a unique text not used for dynamics in Doric?

I tried out a user defined playback in rhe manner you describe for a sizzle technique on a tuned gong. but was not able to make it work. Neither shift+P and rhe text sizzle nor the glyph activates the technique. Finally I renamed sizzle (library designation) to buzz roll in the EM which creates a notehead with a Z which resembles the sizzle glyph. That is a Dorico build in technique and correctly activates the sizzle samples.

Indeed, you can’t use Dorico’s own dynamics, as I said in my reply above.