Dynamics in empty bars

In Sibelius, when I selected multiple staves to insert dynamics, and there were one or more staves silent, the dynamics would only be created for the active staves.

How can I achieve this in Dorico?

You can’t tell Dorico to omit dynamic from empty staves. But I highly recommend assigning the dynamic to the topmost staff, then using a combination of Duplicate to Staff Below (which I’ve assigned to Ctrl-Alt-M) and Move to Staff Below (Alt-M) to rapidly assign dynamics to any staff you wish. Works well with cues too.


I find the ALT+click option (on Windows) a convenient way to replicate dynamics.

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If you have a number of adjacent staves you want to add dynamics to, you can extend the caret to those staves and input the dynamics to all the staves across which the caret currently extends.

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