Dynamics in text block

I’m trying out Dorico with some carols, and I’m just entering the text block for some verses below the first verse music. In the copy I’ve got, there are dynamic markings like “mf” or “cresc.” to the left of some lines. I can make space for these using a left tab stop (though it would be nice to have generic tabs, not just be limited to a single left, centre and right), and even enter italicised text for them, but is there a way to get the same glyphs as would be used in the score?

(I’ve tried putting them into Bravura, but that just made them sans-serif.)

The codepoints for dynamics in Bravura and Bravura Text (use the latter for this purpose) are different from the ASCII codes for f, m, etc. See this page where you can select a character, copy it, and paste it into Dorico.