Dynamics issue

check the attached picture. (the harmony lines are all Piano dynamic from the previous bar.)

When these combined crescendo+decrescendo marks are used without dynamics (p,f,etc) between each, it causes noteperformer to get louder and louder for no reason. its almost as if its reading an increase in dynamics when in fact it should equal out to no change overall. Im not worried about noteperformers actual performance of the sound, however it is annoying to not be able to hear the melody because the harmony is ending up at FFF when it should be around P.

Where it is written PP, the volume of the instruments is taken from about FF down to PP, when it shouldbe from P to PP. From that PP point there is 5 bars again before a dynmic P marking, which again the volume has increased up to around FF. the longer it plays without a dynamic marking (p,f,etc) the louder it gets.

i simply want to indicate a swell in volume to the performers.

Unless I am mistaken, I believe this to be a playback bug. perhaps someone can check with a different VSTi or the halion symphonic orchestra.

At the moment, messa di voce only produce their initial change in dynamic. For example, a dynamic like <> will only actually play <, and >< will only play >. This is something that will be supported in a future version of the software.

Ah I see. No worries. Thanks for the reply. So if a single < followed by a single > is used, it should be okay?

On this topic. Is what you’ve written to say that single < or > without an ‘end’ dynamic does effect playback? I am under the impression that unless there is for example p<‘f’, a simple p< doesn’t have any (or perhaps not as much) impact upon playback.

A single < or > with no end dynamic does have some effect but I suspect it only changes by one “step”, so p will crescendo to mp, not to f.

You can hide dynamic marks in the properties panel, if you want more control.

You can also select the messe di voce dynamics and mute them from the properties panel.

Thanks for the great info, Rob and Paul.
Paul, is this what you’re talking about in relation to muting the dynamic effects of the messe di voce? - see attached

Yes, you can use that property on lots of things in the score to simply omit them from playback entirely.

That’s really cool. I had often wondered what that option was for. Good to know. Thanks Dan, and all. I appreciate your time.
Perhaps i’ll read the manual one of these days but I’m too busy enjoying composing in the software. :slight_smile: