Dynamics lag

I couldn’t find this anywhere, so apologies if this has been covered. I an using the Halion SE sounds, so no external libraries, no expression maps, etc. If I enter a dynamic, say a forte at the end of a crescendo, it usually will play back. However, once it does, it won’t change. If I delete the forte, and enter piano, the forte remains even if I only want a very subtle increase in volume (using the piano sample). The only way to get Dorico to correctly play it back is to close and reopen the program ( I haven’t tried just opening and closing the score). Anyone else have this happen(ing)?

Yes, this is a known bug, I’m afraid. Paul hopes to fix it before too long but he’s very busy with percussion at the moment. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Daniel, Thanks - as always, I suspect myself first, then check here if I can’t figure it out. Not that big a deal, just so long as I know I’m not forgetting to set something up correctly. And, judging from what I have read, percussion is high up the priority list. I’ll survive.