Dynamics lane bugs

It’s still easy to create strange behaviour in the dynamics lane.
If you first add a hairpin and put a dynamic (p, mf, …) afterwards, the dynamic lane only shows the dynamic, the hairpin is not showing anymore. Another bug in screenshot.

I’d need to see the project itself as well as that screenshot to be able to tell you whether the dynamics editor in the Key Editor is at fault, or you really have multiple dynamics present at the same location, which is unfortunately not impossible to contrive, even if the notation looks right, because from a notational point of view Dorico will do its best to make sense of conflicting dynamics when laying them out.

It’s not project dependent. Just create a new project, add 2 notes with a hairpin.

Add a dynamic before the hairpin and the lane doesn’t show the hairpin anymore.

Adding the hairpin again and changing the dynamic to forte:

Probably it creates multiple dynamics.

It depends on which order you add the dynamics. If you start with an immediate dynamic and then add a crescendo it works as expected because the dynamics are linked. If you add a crescendo and then put an immediate dynamic in front of it, you have to group the dynamics for it to work as expected. I have a Jumpbar shortcut for linking dynamics so it can be done very quickly.

This is absolutely correct — however choosing “link” from the pop-up for dynamics doesn’t work here, you need to select “group dynamics” and then indeed it does work. I must say I do think it would be better if this extra step wasn’t necessary though in this particular situation.

I’m aware that there is way that it works, that does not mean there’s no bug.

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What bug? If one tells Dorico to do two things, it does two things. Dorico can only protect one from mistakes so far.

Perhaps the Development Team will decide to change that in the future.

I wouldn’t define it as a bug – that’s going too far. Nevertheless, it seems only common sense that after adding a hairpin, you then add a dynamic on the same note that starts the hairpin then Dorico should automatically group them as what else could possibly be intended here? After all, it does automatically group when the hairpin is added after the dynamic as @Grainger2001 has said.

Yes, but double-click on a fixed dynamic and append a hairpin to it, and the new dynamic combination does not wipe out the original fixed dynamic.

Do I wish it did? Yes, but so far that is not possible.

Yes, thanks dko22, I meant Group! I have edited my post.

I suspected you probably knew that :smiley:, but just in case you’d got something mixed up …

In principle it should be OK for you to add an immediate dynamic at the start of a gradual dynamic and have Dorico do the right thing, but at the moment Dorico does not handle this case well. The best way to ensure you get the playback you expect is to group the dynamics together.

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