Dynamics lane - default levels

Looking at the Dynamics lane, I see that each dynamic marking has a number associated with it (ex. ppp = -3, fff = +3). I know I can override those in the CC lane on a per instrument, but I’m wondering if these defaults are customizable globally. Ideally I could set these in Expression Maps, but I’m not sure how to do that.

For my particular sample library (Spitfire Symphonic) I’m finding that I’d like, for example, “mf” to be a little softer and “f” a little stronger throughout the library. I’ve fooled around with the dynamics curve as well as customizing the available CC ranges in Expression Maps, but haven’t had success.

My question is: Can I re-define the level dynamics so that the default setting is different - like “mf” is zero instead of one, or “f” is two instead of one, that sort of thing.

Of course, I’d like to retain all of the gradual dynamics that occur between these points as well as have them reflected in the behavior of the Dynamics Curve settings.


I should add that I probably don’t want to have these changes apply to other libraries like Note Performer or Halion - both of which sound great at the default settings. So I guess this is really a problem at the Expression Maps level. Or perhaps I need to make adjustments to how my CC settings/behavior within the Spitfire instruments.

No, you can’t directly map specific dynamic levels onto particular controller values or velocities at the moment; you can only modify this indirectly by changing the dynamic power curve, which can (I think) be adjusted on a per-expression map basis. I know Paul is thinking about how we could provide additional controls in this area in future versions.