Dynamics Mapping CC values

In the Dynamic Mapping setup, I have configured Cubase to send CC1 controller. After “Initialising Dynamic Range”, I see the default following values:

pppp 10%
ppp 10%
pp 10%
p 28%

But the actuall CC values being sent by Cubase are totally different. For example, pppp is sending a CC1 value of 12, ppp = 25, pp = 38, etc.

And anyway, why is it specified as a % in the setup. I don’t have any CC1 data so what is it a % of ?

Nobody else has the same problem ?

the difference is in the percentages (0-100) listed and midi values (0-127) send


Sorry but I don’t understand your reply … could you rephrase ?

The midi value 127 is 100%, and i.e. 64 is 50%
Sorry, but I can’t remember exactly how it is with the new dynamics, but there used to be an erroneous , switched, presentation of midi values and percentage in Cubase which I found by trial and error then.


OK, so you’re saying the CC value is a percentage of note-on velocities ? That makes no sense to me at all, but at least I know now !!


I have the same mixer (Sony DMX R100), and use Cubase 6.
And my questions is?
Is there any one that have used this together and get all to work.
Control unit, and automation faders.

Best regards
Pax Greger

OK, i got faders to work. All 24 and master volume, no probl. :smiley:
But still struggle with getting the control unit to respond(Start Stop…etc.)
Anyone have a idea how to solve this.
The control unit is not sending any MIDI data, as far i can see on Cubase, so i cant use LEARN function in Cubase.

Any suggestions is welcomed… :question:

//Pax Greger