Dynamics Mapping have no effect


The titles says it all :slight_smile:
No matter what I try or do, the dynamics mapping refuses to change the actual velocities/Volume/any other controller for that matter…

I’ve tried it with Kontakt, Opus, Halion etc to no avail…

I should also point out that Kontakt MIDI Monitor doesn’t detect any incoming CC data or change in the velocities when I use the dynamic mapping…

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you properly configured the Dynamics Mapping settings?

Of course I did :slight_smile:

Do you monitor incoming MIDI data inside Kontakt ? Or are you talking about MIDI Monitor in Cubase?

I monitor within Kontakt.

Did you open the dynamics controller lane? Same spot you change it from velocity or mod-wheel in the bottom of the editor window?

I had a good fight with when I first tried using it, there might be a better way but I couldn’t getting working properly unless I entered in the dynamics I defined into the controller lane.

That’s a viable workaround, but i’m trying to figure out why what should work doesn’t work :slight_smile:

I tested it in C12 since I just upgraded from 9.5 and it actually seems to work, these are the settings if it helps at all. Basically just picked a random articulation and told it what midi channel to use for the instrument part. I also tested sending a keydown event in Output Mapping / limiting velocity to 50 and it worked fine.

It does not work trying to program key changes in the midi editor, when I record it puts key change input into the dynamics controller lane.

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It might work using VST Expression, but it’s suppose to work independently (according to the manual)…