Dynamics move upon staves when opening the project/doing some modifications... (bug?)

Hello, I’m new to Dorico after a long time with Sibelius, and I love my experience so far.

However,I encounter a strange behavior with some dynamics. Each time I open the project I am working on, or do some modifications on other pages, a few dynamics (always the same ones) move up on the stave (see pictures). Those are not linked to anything on other staves but are grouped on the same stave.

As soon as I change the position (with the pointer or the parameters in Engrave) of any of those, all dynamics on the same system are back to their good position.
This is quite annoying to have to check every pages before export and doing it again each time I reopen the project !
Is this a bug or a normal behavior, maybe due to some magnetism I would be unaware of ?

Thanks in advance !

Welcome to the forum, Antonin. It certainly looks like a bug to me: would you be able to attach the project itself, or at least a portion of it that reproduces the problem, so I can take a look?

Hi Daniel, sure, I attached a part of the flow that has this problem.CORPORATE SCORES - GCAM - 1.0 TOWARDS THE FUTURE V3.dorico (467.3 KB)

Unfortunately for some reason I’m unable to download the attached project. Could you email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de with a link to this forum thread? Sorry for the inconvenience.