Dynamics not working !!!

Hey Fellow Dorcians :slight_smile:

I have a problem with the dynamics , I working on a sax arrangement but the dynamics are not working at all and whatever I put its just the same loudness , anyone know how to fix this ?

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You mean you have a problem in the way Dorico plays back what you write ? Please try to be as precise as you can when asking for help, we cannot guess what the problems are, we fellow Doricians :wink:
I have read in several posts that some instruments in Halion had problems with different aspects of what they “should” be doing… Be sure that Dorico’s team is working actively on that field too ! I could not really help you, because I do not care too much about the Play mode right now, knowing it is still a “work in progress”. Search the forum for some advice about which MIDI parameter could change dynamics, I think there is something about controllers that change with the instrument…

If you haven’t already, give each part an initial dynamic. I think I read somewhere that if you do not start a part with a dynamic it can affect later changes.

… and, that’s how most music is written, with a dynamic at the beginning, “write”? :wink:

Unfortunately the saxophone sounds in HALion Sonic SE 2 require VST Note Expression to play back dynamics, and at the moment we don’t support the playback of Note Expression. This is a high priority for us to add, and although I’m afraid it won’t be in the forthcoming 1.0.30 update, we will add it as soon as we can.

“You mean you have a problem in the way Dorico plays back what you write ?” you are quoting me , so if you write F its P and PPP still P :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply Daniel , I have noticed something , I am using GM samples and when I reset HALion and put the instruments in HALion ( same GM ) the Dynamics work . I have to say that I only tried setting 2 and it was fine but since it is a Saxophone orchestra there are 16 so I will add each instrument in HALion manually and post the results .


If you read carefully your first post, you wrote that you had problems with dynamics. That could mean you have problems with the way the are placed, the shape they have, the way they look, a bug when you input them… This is why I think we must be as precise as possible, in order to get the best help possible :wink:

Look what I wrote " whatever I put its just the same loudness " so its not about placement its not about the shape its not about the way they look , just that whatever dynamic sign you put its the same level which Daniel clearly got my point and thats good , however I understand your point and I will try to write more detail to avoid confusion :wink:

Hey Again


So this is a short report of what happened ,

the music was imported from music xml format , and then saved as Dorico native also the auto selection of the Saxophones were the noisy pop soundy ones in HAlion , so I had to change to GM , by this time I noticed the dynamics are not working and started this post .The interesting result come from the fact that I did reset HAlion and did a fresh batch of GM sounds , then wualaa , It was working like a charm .

thought might be useful for you and the developer buds :slight_smile:


The reason it is now working for you is that the GM sounds respond to velocity changes. The HALion sax sounds respond to VST Note Expression and that isn’t yet implemented.

Thanks for your tip , but If you read the above comments you will see that Daniel already mentioned this , and also read my last post again you will understand that it was automatically HAlion Sax sounds , but then I choose the GM sounds in HAlion , which at the beginning didn’t work and then I had to reset HAlion and select everything again , and it was working .


Hi, Would that be the case for trombone as well. There are no dynamics being played by my Dorico trombonist either (like some of my students).

Ah, I have it sorted. It was in the HAlion settings in play. I had some dynamic wheel or something on rather than the default.
This forum really does help…