Dynamics piano and mezzo-piano inconsistent

I’m trying out Dorico, so far it’s great. But one thing I can’t get is that the p and mp markings in the score are inconsistent, meaning some notes get played louder or softer at random when a part is marked with those dynamics. This also causes some weird rhythmic changes, too. If anyone could tell me if they’ve had this problem before and how to fix it, that would be fantastic.

Can you take a look at your humanize dynamics setting? This may be interacting with your VST sound library. What VST and instruments are you using - you did not say?

How can dynamics cause rhythmic shifts? Can you show an example (minimal working project file)?

And what version of Dorico?

Sorry, I should have specified. I’m using the Musio Subscription from Cinesamples. I did look at the humanize settings, currently it’s set to
Scale Effect: 100%
Maximum Change to Written Dynamic: 1.5 Steps
Unpitched: 10%

As for the rhythmic shifts, it probably doesn’t matter. I bet the rhythms I’m not hearing are still there, their just so quiet I can’t hear them. So if I can fix the dynamics, this problem will probably fix itself.