Dynamics placement

Hello. I’m new to Dorico (and generally loving it, but I will likely have a few questions over the next weeks.)
What is the best/fastest way to achieve this:
dynamic placement.png
Moving dynamics around in Dorico is as yet a mystery to me. They seem to follow rules I don’t know.

You can input dynamics at any point within a tie chain when the caret is active - that inputs them wherever the caret is currently. You can also move dynamics to different positions - either to the next notehead or according to the current rhythmic grid resolution.

(If you’re new to Dorico and getting to know its functionality, you might find the introductory topics in this chapter helpful - start here, then read the following topics below it in the list on the left. Especially this one about “rhythmic position”, as this is a bit different to other software.)

Ah, that makes some things more clear. I generally input only notes on a first pass, then slurs, dynamics, playing techniques etc. in subsequent passes; for this example, what would you recommend for inputting the dynamics on a second pass? The hardest bit seems to be getting the mp at the end of the 3rd bar. Thanks for your time!

Use the caret on a second pass. See Anthony’s video on it here: https://blog.dorico.com/2019/11/tip-add-dynamics-in-the-middle-of-tied-notes/

Answering my own question, it seems to be a combination of placing dynamics from a selected note, and from an active caret inside a measure. Good!

The main gotcha is that when entering hairpins from the caret, they won’t appear until you’ve hit Space at least once - they can’t appear if they don’t have any length.

Thanks, very useful.
So many videos!