Dynamics popover-editing not working like expected with hidden dynamics

-> add a dynamics (eg. “f”)
-> hide it in the properties panel
-> double click on the signpost = open popover for editing
-> type different dynamics (eg. “ff”), enter
-> now there are two dynamics, one hidden (old value), one not hidden (new value)

That is useful, if you want to tweak the dynamics for playback without changing the dynamic marks for human performers, by muting the visible marking.

Thats correct, but if I’m going to change the hidden one with the popover, I expect this to be edited, not being created another one.
I can of course add a second visble one, so this is not the point.

The reason for the difference in behaviour is that normally when you edit something with the popover, just as when you have an item selected in the score and you click a different kind of item in the panel on the right-hand side, you’re actually deleting the original item and replacing it with the new one, and any properties associated with the original item are lost, at least for now. In the future we may try to grab hold of the properties of the item and then reapply them to the new item. But until such time as we do that, this is the kind of behaviour you’ll see, and it’s expected for now.

select a up bow
in the pop-up, change it to down bow
close the pop-up
you get up AND down bow

you now have to delete the Up-bow

I cannot understand the logic of it
waste of time

The reason for this specific behaviour is that you can have multiple playing techniques at the same position, and the current editing behaviour simply creates a new item of the kind you specify. Most types of items can only exist once per rhythmic position (and per-voice or per-staff, whatever the specific rules are) so by adding a new one, you replace the existing one, but if the type of item you are editing allows multiple instances at the same position, the existing one remains and the new one is added. I agree that this isn’t always what you want, and I’m certain we’ll return to this in future.