Dynamics question (playback/IRL)

What should happen here? The dynamic before the dim. is F

In playback, I’m getting the shape I want, but the dynamic is starting at F and reducing to MF (cc 1 value 64), whereas I’m expecting it to end at F having started like a marcato increase. (The actual marcato patch I’m using drops off too fast.)

What I want, and what I would handwrite, is F:Fz, since one is absolute and the other relative (or so I believe). But if I add an F to the parts here, it appears beneath the Fz.

You could use the properties panel to hide the forte mark(s).


Thanks Derrek. That would work, but I think the dynamic needs to be visible. On further experimentation, with the dynamic in place, playback is what I’d originally intended. Assuming Dorico implements standard practice, I wonder why it looks so odd:

With the dynamic hidden:

Absolutely not. Only the fz should be visible. If the f were in line with the fz the player would interpret it as ffz

To what are you referring?

In the first of the two images directly above, the F beneath the Fz.

The player though: given the diminuendo immediately prior, is it normal to resume the prior dynamic at the end, or to continue with the dynamic implied by the ending of the diminuendo?

Then shorten the dim. hairpin by an eighth-note (ALT + SHIFT + Left Arrow ). The forte should pop back tot he end of the hairpin.