DYS disorders - Show note names (Do-RE-Mi) on Piano Roll

on Piano Roll
I would like a setting for :

  • show/hide note name
  • choose the note display mode: ABC or La Si Do (with/without octave number)

It is for educational use in lessons with students with DYS disorders.

With Dorico on iPad and a MIDI keyboard, I have found a really powerful tool to help children with disabilities learn music.

It would be really useful to develop accessibility features on Dorico.

It would be, to my knowledge, the only one with such features for easy use by students.

Thanks for attention


That’s interesting. I lobbied enthusiastically for having note names displayed, as per Cubase, and was delighted that my request was incorporated recently. Never occurred to me, or the developers I suppose, that an option switch would be needed. Make it a feature request perhaps.

Welcome to the forum, @universalix, and thanks for your feedback. I will make a note of your request and we’ll consider your ideas for future versions.