E-Bass Amp Modeling

I am using a 7-string E-Guitar and model the amp using the AmpSimulator. Now I am thinking about replacing the bass by HALionOne with real recordings because I am dissatisfied with the sound. Has someone experience using an E-Bass in Cubase, maybe a 5-string? Maybe there even exist some sound examples somewhere?

So you use Cubase’s amp modeling or a hardware solution to model the amp? How does it sound?
I am thinking about buying this E-Bass: http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_hbb500tbk_5string_ebass.htm
5 Strings would perfectly fit to my 7-String guitar. The humbucker would prevent distortions you usually get from single coils. Any ideas or recommendations?

I bought the bass. I replaced the sampled bass lines in my song Reanimator which can be found here: http://valecroft.net/app/download/4298690902/Reanimator+(20110206+Demo).mp3
I use gate, compressor and limiter and model a 1-tube amp. After that I apply a soft reverb. I am aware that the bass line is very prominent now, but I somehow like that.
Any suggestions for improvements?