"e" button in inserts.... where please ?

I can’t find it…


Ahhh… depends WHERE you double click… thanks

Yes, I really want the “e” back. For one, it’s one click instead of two. Secondly, it’s hard to know where to click in the big rectangle and if you move the mouse at all in-between clicks it doesn’t work. This is more confusing, not less.

The same goes for removing the on/off button for the bypass button. Both are much better/less confusing than one.


I am very disapointed with the New GUI
Sometimes its not Good to make a Great Thing better… I think Steinberg turned the wrong Way with Nuendo. they should do the shiny color Thing with cubase

The whole 6 is stressing me…loved 4 the most
Easy and stable



Overall I love the new mixer. I am still having to go back to N5 for certain projects due to incompatibility problems and see what Nuendo used to be. And I really like the old insert’s buttons. Fx send e button to bring up 1st fx insert, insert e button, insert bypass and off. I love the new features that we have been given but please give us back what was there as well.