"E" changes track that is recording

When recording on a track whilst I have a singer in, older versions of Cubase allowed me to click “E” on other Audio tracks, so that I could apply changes to them, now I am unable to do this as it de-selects the track I am recording on and continues recording on the track I intended to edit as default.
I am assuming that there is a button somewhere to stop this from happening… only question is, where?
Hope this all makes sense…

You may have gathered I am quite new to Cubase 6, so am teething…

Cheers for the tips!

Found… Preferences “Select Channel Track on Edit Settings” within “Editing Project and Mixer”. Glad that’s sorted :slight_smile:

I am applying a load of settings in Cubase 6 32bit and need them to also work in Cubase 6 64bit. Can someone please let me know how to make the settings work also in my 64bit version of Cubase 6?
Many thanks.

Aloha J

If those ‘settings’ are C6 or Steinberg plug settings,
(VST Collection etc ) then those same settings
will work in either 32 or 64 bit mode.


If the setting are part of 3rd party plugs, you will have
to make sure from each developer that their
particular plug is 64 bit ready.


I can confirm that the settings I have applied are only in Cubase 32bit and not in the 64bit version :unamused: . These 2 Programs are different instances, unless there is a setting I am missing?
Btw the settings I am referring to are in file/preferences.

I understand.
I thought you meant VSTi or Plug or EQ etc settings.

However AFAIK the only difference with 32 bit
compared to 64 bit is the ability to access more ram.

Other than that the programme should be identical
in both envoirments.

As long as you are dealing with Steinberg only stuff, (C6) all


should remain the same.

This even goes for cross platform (Mac/PC) projects.

settings should remain the same.

… so why oh why are they not?

I have spoken to Steinberg about this and sure enough, the 2 installations of Cubase 6 32bit and 64bit have nothing to do with one another. This means that any changes applied within “file>preferences” do not effect the other instance, they have to be applied independently.

It would be good if Steinberg would implement a message asking if you want to “apply” the changes to both installations?