E Control not recognizing upgrade

I just upgraded to Cubase 10,5 from Elements. The website recognizes the upgrade but the License software won’t. What do I do?

Alright, second try. I upgraded from 10,5 Elements to 10.5 Pro. MySteinberg recognizes only Elements activation. After downloading and installing 10.5 Pro I received an email with the activation code. I started eControl Center, entered the code. The eControl Center acknowledged I was upgrading by a drop down menu. I click continue and a box comes up that I do not have an upgradeable product.

PLEASE FIX THIS! I have tried this about 7 times already with no success. I’d really like to use what I bought!

Ray Timmermans

You probably bought the wrong upgrade.

Is your Elements license on a USB-eLicenser?

Yes. And it STILL doesn’t work! Even though it says its supposed to upgrade to 10.5 Pro.

What is “it” that says?

You are absolutely certain that your Elements 10.5 license resides on a USB-eLicenser?

This USB-eLicenser is plugged in and recognized by the eLicenser Control Center?

If so, the only thing I can think of is …

2020-05-08 09_59_50-eLicenser Control Center (eLC Version

Okay … what actually shows in the eLCC? Your Elements license needs to be present on a USB-eLicenser for the upgrade code to work.