E Electric Bass (can't find an answer for "tuning/s".

Hi everyone. I’m new here in the forum. I’ve been using cubase since 2014 been recording and producing since 1985. In that year I purchased my first recording work station “Tascam 244” and been at it on and off with different systems since. I really like cubase and find that it suits me fine. I’m using Cubase 9.5 at the moment.

My question is about the VST Instrument E Electric Bass offered in the Steinberg website; I was thinking of purchasing it however, I can not see any mention in the promotion about “Tuning” I’m very much into turnings of instruments in several ways; first of all I like to tune my electric and acoustic guitars to “A 432 equal temperament” as well as “A 432 just temperament” (for recording basic single chords) however, I’m willing to live with having only “A 432 equal temperament”. (I know about the debate of 432 versus 440 however, I switched to 432 for reasons of being more suited to my vocal register). If anyone has any knowledge about the “E Electric Bass”, I would really appreciate a response. Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Please check this tip.