Hi there
Just bought an HALion Sonic 3 update but now matter what
I do, the USB E-Licencer does not see it and I therefor can´t
activate. What am I doing wrong ? Anyone ?
Thx - Golli

You mentioned that you bought an update. Did you have the full version of Halion Sonic 2 before?

The upgrade license doesn’t work with the Halion Sonic SE plugin that comes with Cubase.

Thanks. This is probably the reason.
So what to do ? It is really hard to talk
to someone at Steinberg and takes months.
Lost money ?

Please contact asknet support to request a refund:

They shouldn’t take long to respond.

Thanks again.
Most helpful you are.
I see I am using the same Windows version as you.
Someone told me I needed to go to Windows 10.
But I am also using PT 10 on this computer and everything
works just fine. Stay here or move on ?
Best wishes,

Windows 7 should still work fine for a few more years.