e-License? Want Software Today

I am new to electronically created music and am currently exploring the Element 10.5 version. I want to purchase a license for the Artist edition today but am confused by the required e-License. Is it a physical USB stick that I will receive in the mail? I am in the USA. Are there further charges beyond the Artist software and the e-License? Will I be able to use the software immediately upon download or do I wait for this USB stick?


Artist and Pro require the USB eLicenser, which is sold separately. You may be able to get one at a local store but, if not, you will have to wait for it in the mail.
Elements uses a “soft” eLicenser stored on the hard drive and you can activate that immediately (no USB eLicenser required).

I’m guessing then that this is something common to the industry and it might be carried by a music store. Now that I have an idea what it is, I can track it down. Thank you jaslan.

Sweetwater, among others, sells them in the USA …


Thanks Scab Pickens. Yeah - I have an email into them already. They have not been responsive to my email. I had another email into them last week about a midi keyboard and I never heard back. I called and was on hold hold for a long time and hung up. I called the USA distributor and apparently Sweetwater is the only source for the boxed edition, which I hope includes the e-licenser, or can sell it to me separately. I just called Guitar Center and they said they have an I-Lock. Is that what I need? If I have that I can purchase a download from a number of sources.

ILok is not interchangeable with eLicenser. You don’t need to buy a “boxed” version. You just get an empty USB-eLicenser, then apply your activation code which you will receive when purchasing the Artist download version.

I have seen the eLicenser in Guitar Center stores before, so they may have it but the person you talked just didn’t know it. Of course, maybe they just didn’t have any in stock.