e-licenser and dongle confusion

Had Cubase 4.x with an old dongle.
Just installed my purchase of Cubase 7. Registered/Activated… all good.
Now my original dongle shows up with it’s respective 12 digit code and shows Cubase 7 as a product on eLicenser.
I just installed my purchase of Absolute VST Instrument Collection which came with another dongle in the box.

So, I install the software for Abso… and when opening it for first time am prompted to register/activate it. Seemed I could only do this with the new dongle inserted.

Basically I just don’t get whether my new ‘eLicenser’ as per the My Steinberg part of steinberg.net, showing as registered today and ‘empty’, with a 20 digit number is a hardware of software thing and/or if I can/should have Abso… as a registered product on my original dongle.

At present I can’t open Abso… without the ‘new’ dongle inserted. So, what, do I need two of them or have I just messed stuff up royally?

What an idiot…slaps self. Finally, when I launch eLicenser Control Center, now, after a good 20mins, both dongles show up, with one product registered to each!

So, seems I need both dongles plugged in for all singing all dancing functionality?