e-Licenser control error when starting Cubase 13

I’m getting the following error when starting Cubase 13.

If I click on OK to abort multiple times, it’ll go away but Cubase 13 is frozen - refusing to start.

Any help in solving this would be much appreciated.


Make sure, you have the latest eLCC installed, please.

Do you still have some plug-ins/libraries using eLCC? Do you use Soft-eLicenser or USB-eLicenser?

Thanks Martin.

Yes, I have the latest eLCC installed ( and I use the USB e-licenser. I do have other plugin/libraries using eLCC - most of it appears to be VSL related.

e-licenser itself appears to be running OK.


Unfortunately, I can’t find, what “error 1” means so far.

Do you start Cubase in Native- or Rosetta 2 Mode, please?

Native Mode.

I couldn’t find what it meant either. I’ve got myself in a bit of a pickle here - Cubase 12 is returning error messages and Dorico 5 too.

I had a weird ‘elicenser control is not responding’ type error from the SAM in the middle of messing around with a project in c13. I don’t think I was actually using anything on the elicenser as it’s all been upgraded to the new licensing syste.

I ignored it and nothing bad happened , continued to work fine- and cubase 11 ran fine straight afterwards so the elc software hadn’t crashed ?

Thanks for that. I’m slowing piecing things together - there’s a bunch of crashes that have been logged and it’s all to do with MediaBayServer. This has come up in a different problem I had a month or so ago where it was preventing the VST engine from unloading after quitting. I’ll do a bit more investigating and see what else turns up.


Is the MediaBay component up to date, please?

Hi Martin,

I may have found a way out of this. I deleted the files in the MediaBay and MediaServices folders under Application Support/Steinberg, ran the Download Assistant and it replaced them. Cubase 13 now opens as it should. Presumably the files that were there previously were somehow corrupted.


As a result of doing that, the VST Engine is now closing when I quit Dorico - that’s another problem solved.

Fingers crossed it’s all working now.

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Thank you very much for sharing!

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Just to mention it…
It is necessary to update the Steinberg Download Manager and it’s corresponding items before you update software.


everything up to date on mine.

something in C13 queried the SAM - which seemed to query elc - which failed. No idea why - I can’t see what it was trying to licence ?

Do you own old Vienna Symphonic things? Or older Steinberg libraries?
Maybe there was a connection left…

Everything on the dongle has been upgraded - just keep it plugged in for C11

my glitch is most likely unrelated to David’s issue but just thought it might be relevant

Yes to old Vienna Symphonic things. I think they’re all updated now…

But it’s ok now?

If that was for me - yes, all looks to be fine.

(touches wood)


Not only for you…
Good to hear that it’s ok now.