e-licenser download, renewal

Need to renew cubase e-license (2016) for off line computer. What is proceedure ? Can I download to android and transfer via usb to laptop?

For Soft-eLicenser you must have an internet connection to activate/re-activate. For USB-eLicenser there is no such thing as re-activation. So, what are you talking about? What Cubase version you are using might be a good starting point.

Question, I havnt used Q base in a while and wanted to install the program on my new computer. its making me register it before I can use it and using the Elicenser Im getting the Error that Im registered but No Activation Code can be given, almost as if its out of date. Tried all of the maintenance sending signals stuff too. Any Suggestions?

You didn’t answer Scab Pickens question for what version of Cubase you have. So here is the information on how to reactivate Cubase versions that have it’s license stored on a soft-eLicenser…


Info about computers with no internet access…


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