e-Licenser error

I always get this error, both on N12 & C12: latest e-Licenser version, macos 12.4. Goes away after clicking OK, but is still annoying. Any clues?

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Do you have an old Steinberg plugin or something still needing the dongle but it’s disconnected?

Thanks. All software is up to date AFAIK. And I only run off a dongle (two actually, the second for Cubase & Wavelab).

C12 and N12 use no dongle anymore…

Got the same error this morning, resulting in a corrupt session.
Put the old dongle back in with Spectralayers Pro & VSTconnect Pro 5 on …fixed.

I get this error too occasionally. Again clicking OK makes it go away. I still have the dongle plugged into the computer due to another licence on it I need

Thanks, I know this. However, I choose to continue to use my two dongles & don’t want or need the online auth. Not the least of which is because so many other Steinberg products do not yet use the online arrangements - Absolute 5, Wavelab etc. So is much easier to continue as is.

N12 and C12 don’t use the dongle anymore. This is not possible.
You require the dongle for additional licenses not migrated to the new system.

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Incorrect. They can conveniently use either - & in my case, via the eLicenser app I can see the C11 to 12 & N11 to 12 upgrade licences on the USB dongles. See New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

I still use dongle with N12

I c am having issues with the activations on my second system. Activation manager says this system is activated for both N12 and wave lab 11. Trying to launch each I get the error that there is no valid license. I have deactivated, and re-activated bot. Re-dowloaded both softwares, restarted and all of the usual things to try. No luck. Has anyone had the same issue? I can log in on my main machine no problem. And If I transfer the Activations to a laptop, it works as expected. All Mac OS. All running OS 12.4. Any ideas? Much Thanks.


I see this always if I run Nuendo 11 first. There’s no way to get rid of it without rebooting as far as I can tell.

I’m speechless…

Steinberg Licensing does not use the USB eLicenser.

The licences on your eLicenser are licences for legacy eLicenser versions (Cubase 11 and earlier, Nuendo 11 and earlier) that are marked as already being used for an upgrade to version 12. They will not enable Cubase 12 or Nuendo 12.