e-licenser issue

Once in a while, after booting my DAW and launching Cubase, I get a message telling me ‘No valid license found. Closing’ (or something to that effect)
The e-licenser is, as always, plugged in a USB port at the back of the PC.
When it happens, I un- & re- plug it and all is back to normal.
Is this something that happens to others, or should I be worried & order a replacement dongle ?
(I suppose I can easily transfer my licenses from one dongle to another ?)


Hi and welcome,

I have this experience with lots of different USB devices. I would say, this is general Windows behaviour. It just happens, sometimes, don’t worry.

Yes, you can transfer your licenses from one dongle to another one by drag-and-drop in eLicenser Control Center application.

Hi PhJ
I have had this intermittent message, maybe once a month if that, but two days ago, it would not go away, no matter where I plug the eLicense in.
I then went through all the helpful info available concerning eLCC, downloaded the latest, uninstalled reinstalled etc. all I could get the eLicense to report while it was carrying out it maintenance routine was “Materializing Failed” which sounds like a StarTrek transport problem, after more interrogations I received the message: Step 4 Cleaning up eLicenser Memory Failed. Other than my Dongle number there are no Licences visible, now into 3rd Day of no work.
I have raised a Ticket, with Tech Support but the impression the auto response gave me, was that they are Snowed under and are dealing with issues on first come basis.
So yes there are others out there, I know this will not solve anyones problem, but you are not alone.
Now back to the Transporter problem….Scotty where are you?

Hello The Innovator,

this issue is a strong indicator for the device failing permanently (which is actually quite rare).

If there is a chance for you to test the device on a different computer, just to check wether it isn’t a problem restricted to your specific computer / system / setup, I’d advise to do so.

In case the device definitively stopped working, you should get a replacement USB-eLicenser (aka. Steinberg Key) and contact support to request a replacement license. More details are provided here.

Also, the replacement process should be simplified in case your USB-eLicenser is registered with your MySteinberg account, because you’d be able to request a Zero Downtime.

In summary, the fastest way to getting you back to making music should be:


Hi Dirk
Best news today, I had told the Tech guys that I have tried it on my 2nd computer and it also produced the same failures, I had also mentioned that I guessed it maybe the Dongle itself.
Anyway this appears to be a pretty painless procedure that I was not fully aware of, I have checked at my Local Music Store if they have e-Licenser stock, which they do, I was thinking about purchasing two Dongles and have one for safe emergency backup duties, is this possible?
So hopefully I should be back up and running by Lunchtime tomorrow.
Big Thanks Dirk

make sure the dongle is not in a usb3 port (use a legacy usb2 port), or on a usb hub (use a port on the daw itself)

the chance of a failed dongle is possible but extremely rare

Hi DLearyUS
Thanks for the point, I am using the dongle via USB powered Hub which does plugin into a USB3 port on the back of the Mac, which is the way I have connect the dongle for a very long time without any issues.
I have taken up the Zero Downtime option and with the new Dongle and the temporary eLicense everything is working fine just need the replacement licenses to to continue working beyond the 25 hour limit.
Again Thank you


i have the same problem… But i have a 2nd dongle usb steinberg…

My answer… How do i “Download the replacement license to your new USB-eLicenser”?

Did you initiate the “Zero Downtime” procedure as outline above?


The “Zero Downtime” procedure should provide you with a license activation code (consisting of 32 letters/numbers).
That license activation code can be used with eLicenser Control Center to download a replacement license.