E-Licenser - major problems! [solved]

For a few days, I’m getting up to 20 error messages when i load Nuendo. Sometimes I get none. Sometimes Nuendo loads and runs OK, sometimes it crashes. Either way it’s unusable in a professional environment.

The problem seems to have started with E-licenser Control v6.11.6.1247, which is the current version.

As well as running the maintenance routine, I’ve tried moving the Nuendo license to a different USB key, and putting the key on different USB ports.

The studio Mac is on OSX 10.12.6 but Ive also got the same problem on my MacBook Pro running 10.14.3. It affects Cubase 9.5 as well as Nuendo 8.3.10

Ive raised a support ticket in MySteinberg but the automated ‘We’ll get to you in a few days maybe…’ response doesn’t encourage me. I cancelled a session today and will have to keep cancelling until the problem is fixed.

I managed to go back to E-Licenser Control on my MBP and so far that seems to work OK with Cubase, I don’t have Nuendo on that machine. I had to trash the E-licenser prefs to get the earlier version installed.

I tried sending the earlier installer to the studio Mac but it arrives damaged, however I send it, so I think I’ve reached an impasse.

If anyone has any ideas I’d be grateful, in the meantime I suggest avoiding the latest version of the E-Licenser app.

I’m happy to report that with the help of Steinberg support this problem seems to have been solved.

It appears all three of my E-Licenser keys are quite old (early 2000’s) and they ALL failed simultaneously - in trying to solve the problem I transferred my N8 license from one to the next, and they all showed the same errors on starting Nuendo.

I bought a new E-Licenser and moved the licenses onto it and so far all is well, no more errors. As a bonus. Nuendo boots up noticeably quicker - it may be that the old keys (which have slower processors) have been struggling for some time.

The moral seems to be, get a fresh key every so often, specially if you start getting E-licenser errors.