e-Licenser - Move License

I need to move my license for Elements from the right panel in my e-licenser, marked “Licenses” (for Elements) to the left side (“eLicensers”) so I can upgrade to Artist. As I understand it, I have to have the right side clear for the new license. I tried clicking on it and dragging it over but that did not work.

What is the process for moving the license inside the eLicense Control Center?


Not sure what you mean by moving from right to left side, but you will have to put your license on a USB licenser before you can upgrade to Artist .
The left side shows available eLicensers and the right side shows licenses you have.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I recently downloaded Elements. I have a USB e-licenser. When I plugged it in, things got messed up (not from anything I did) and I contacted the help techs in the USA where I am. The tech fixed the e-licenser issue. When I click on the e-licenser control center, I see two panels. The left panel is “e-licensers” and has a soft license there for Elements. On the right is the actual license for Elements. Actually - I really wanted to install Artist but because of the problems I had with the license, I decided to purchase a license for Elements and when I got the licenser straightened out, upgrade to Artist. That’s what I’m trying to do.

When the tech was in my computer remotely he pointed out that when I wanted to install Artist that I had to move the license over to the left so the Artist license can be listed/activated.

I don’t know how to get the Element license moved so I can download and activate Artist.

The e-license is something I have never encountered and I have not been able to find a clear explanation of it and how it works - for someone with no knowledge of this process: me.

Open the eLCC. Should Show a soft eLicenser and a USB eLicenser on the left.
On the left side click on “soft eLicenser” → the Right side should now Show the Cubase Elements License. Click on that License and drag it to the left onto the “USB eLicenser field”. You Need to be connected to the Internet when doing this.