E licenser not showing all activated products

Bought C10 a few years ago & Activated – but its not showing in E licenser Control centre , but the program boots up fine.

Upgraded to C11 - this shows in E licenser Control centre & boots up fine

Upgraded to C12 - - which has been working but frequently get missing license error & wont boot up (licenses shows as C11 upgraded to 12 on usb licenser)

there are no codes in my soft licenser & other code are missing.

Maintainice didnt fix anything. I cant activate any codes i had before & elc-installation-helper fails when i run it


updating the activation manager got rid of the missing licenses error with cubase 12, so it opens now, but still no other licenses & no soft licenses


If you are using Cubase Pro or Artist, the license is stored on the USB-eLicenser and you don’t need the Soft-eLicenser at all.

okay thanks, yeah all versions are pro. Should C10pro have a separate license or is that embedded in the C11/12 license?

Also, i have another issue now. I updated HALion Sonicc SE using the download manager & Cubase is now showing no instance of it (no error for other vsts)


If you updated your Cubase 10 to Cubase 11 then there is no more Cubase 10 license. This license has been updated to Cubase 11.

If you updated from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12, you should see Cubase 11 (not upgradable) license on your USB-eLicenser and Cubase 12 license in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

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