E-licenser problem after updating Windows 10

Just in case anyone is experiencing the problem I’ve just dealt with:

After installing a Windows 10 update today I was asked to enter an activation code for Dorico.

After a lot of messing about trying various options, I eventually found that there is an update to E-license Control Center which was added this month.

After installing this update, without any further action, Dorico opened again.

I can’t be sure that nothing I did in terms of attempting to re-activate the license had any affect, but I would recommend that anyone in the same position should try installing the latest eLicense Control Center first.


I see you’re quite new to the forum so welcome! If you were an old hand you would probably have come across countless posts on this and I was one of many of those affected during the peak time of 20H2 windows upgrades. The latest release of Dorico 3.5.12 helps and the latest version of elicenser, as you’ve correctly discovered, often holds the key. Some folk were unable to run the elicenser update as it can require be “run as administrator” to work.

In case you’re not aware, Steinberg are planning to move away from elicenser just as soon as they can. It’s NOT everyone’s favourite piece of software :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Yes, I’m very much a newbie. Using IPad Pro 15.0.2.

Welcome Edna. iPads run neither Windows 10 nor the eLicenser. If you have an unrelated question, please start a new thread.