e-licenser problem


I just installed the Cubase Studio 5.5.2 update (only worked upon 2nd attempt, but that’s another story and another thread), and now when I open it I get a message saying there’s a problem with the e-licenser and it was de-activated. The weird thing is, I only use a USB licenser, and the message says this USB license was not affected.
When I open my e-license control center there is my USB license ant it seems to be fine, but there is a new icon that was not there before (right under the USB licenser icon) saying e-licenser, and that one has the error message.
The error message tell me to use the repair function I tried that, but nothing happens, the e-licenser control center application gets stuck.

What is going on here??? I don’t get it?


PS: It seems the e-mail notifications for post on my threads do not work anymore?